17th St Campaign

First Session
Bandits and AIDS

-Members of House Nu (Currently Spaff, Prescot, Raistlin and Quincy) began trip to King’s Landing to attend the tourney of the Hand of the King, Eddard Stark

-After stopping at an Inn, with the exception of Spaff, who waited outside to keep watch in the trees, the team was knocked out by a team of bandits.

-The House killed a team of bandits and their wolves, throwing them into the river.

-After a tussle amongst themselves in which Quincy and Raistlin were thrown into the river of AIDS and Prescot knocked himself running into a tree searching for treasure, the group continued to the bandit camp

-Despite his allies attempts to sneak into the camp, Prescot ran out into plain sight, lying to the man they saw at the Inn, taking an arrow in the chest and giving away his teammates.

-Spaff, attempting to steal a bear carpet was attacked by the owner of a house and taken close to death while Prescot was stuck in a trap that he himself set for somebody else.

-After killing the lonely villager for his bear skin carpet cloak, the House continued on and were admitted into King’s Landing


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